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Part #: HC224033
Fits Model(s) Waratah HTH616, Waratah HTH620, Waratah HTH622, Waratah HTH622B, Waratah HTH624
Axis Price $627.81
Behind every great advancement in history, stands one rebel who challenges all conventional standards and forces change. The Axis X25 Rebel is a turning point for the logging industry. With its lightweight frame, high torque hydraulics and state of the art Cypress Controller, the Rebel is set to impress. Loggers from all over the world told us what they want in a processor and we have delivered with the Axis X25 Rebel!
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Controls
  • Thru-Hose Stick Adapter
  • 360 Continous Rotate
  • Enclosed Oil Lines
  • High Flow Simle Hydraulics
  • 1-piece Hydraulic Actuated Hood
  • Dual Tilt Cylinders with Load Balancing Stops
  • 3/4” or .404” Top Saw: Auto-Tension, Auto-Chain Release
  • Heavy Duty Top Knife
  • Patent Pending Direct Drive Measuring
  • Patent Pending 4 Roller Drive System
  • Bolt on Delimb Knives
  • High Torque Motors
  • Bi-Directional Two Piece Wheels
  • Quick Interchangable 3/4” or .404” Main Saw: Auto-Tension, Auto-Chain Release
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