Axis Forestry Inc. Is Based In Kamloops, BC, Canada.

We help your business save money & help you keep your downtime to a minimum.

Axis Forestry Inc. is a proud Canadian company, we strive for quality in our products, and promise 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

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Part #: 38Q1-BC-46
Fits Model(s) Waratah HTH624, Waratah HTH624C, Waratah HTH626
Axis Price $248.89
Logging Contractors don't want downtime. Period. We help you with uptime! Here are some good reasons to consider a rebuild...

  • You want uptime. Downtime = Lost $$
  • You're tired of wrenching on the processor every second day.
  • You like your processor you have, but it's due for serious repairs.
  • You want a new one but also want to stay profitable
  • You bought a used processor and it's not running right
  • You bought a used processor and by rebuilding it’s still more affordable than buying new

At our facility we're the processor rebuilding specialists. We take the unit right down to a bare sandblasted frame and start the process from there. When finished, your processor will be brand new again with all new parts, powder coated, warranty, tuned up and ready to go back to work. It’s all we do. It’s what we’re proud of. Call us to book you in.

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